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REMKO the customer oriented system provider:
35 years of innovation and uncompromising quality in production and service

The significant rise in the cost of energy in the 1970s created a market open to new, more economic technologies. This was precisely the right time to move into the development and sales of innovative products - the foundation on which REMKO established a business. Our success has proven us right. Much sooner than anticipated, a small business became an industrial manufacturer. Today, REMKO is among the European leaders in the areas of air conditioning, heating and new forms of energy.

At REMKO we will continue to work in the conviction that the future is met successfully with quality assurance, first class service and unquestionable dependability. For our customers, we are a competent partner and problem solver. Our ability to innovate was and remains the driver at REMKO.

Our distribution network has been further expanded both domestically and internationally. New products continue to take on ever greater importance. And here too, independent and constructive solutions forge the path. Training programs and seminars provide for highly qualified and always up-to-date sales specialists. REMKO's field representatives are recognised therefore in their field of expertise as highly competent advisers.


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